Say Yes to Yoga

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An ancient tradition & philosophy that embodies the wisdom of holistic health and wellbeing. This incredible practice of mindful breathing, postures and meditation is healing, restorative & strengthening.


Focused breathing stills the mind, releases stress and oxygenises the brain.


Mindful movement connects us with our true self, cultivating calm & care.


Yoga balances, restores & strengthens, it also heals stress caused from high impact activity.


Meditative activity releases tension in mind and body, it ensures sustained wellbeing           .


Naturally improves muscle tone, range of movement and all physical & mental bodily functions.


If yoga isn’t for you try out any simple stretching routine , it will relieve pain, increase energy, flexibility, joint motion and circulation. Furthermore, it protects against injury, promotes relaxation, stress release, enhanced posture, muscle strength, coordination and brings a wonderful sense of physical and spiritual wellbeing to mind, body & soul.


Try this naturally intuitive & healing activity to restore balance & good health.



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