We are a brand new online title that is a combination of curated and original content. What makes us unique is that our work speaks to the underrepresented groups, subgroups, topics or genres in our modern society. All the while maintaining the informal, bold & inquisitive tone synonymous with most mainstream magazines. We’re not about sob stories or ‘fighting against the machine’ but rather lending our voice and platform to that which is ‘other’.


Gender & Sexuality | Politics | Art & Culture | Race & Creed |Literature & Lifestyle | Fashion | Travel | Music


You name it … It all goes! As long as it speaks to our concept of marginalized groups & ideas, we’re all for it.

Be prepared for honest and real life accounts, from every side of the arguement. A platform that welcomes all opinions and perspectives, a platform that is truly neutral. We aim to give you everything all under one roof.


Born the brainchild of a self-confessed bookworm geek, with creative & artistic tendencies we identify with that desire or something new, something exciting, innovative or just plain different.


FTP Digital: A Digital Space For Content, Ideas & Opinions

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